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Analysis and Positioning,


TA Capital Associates will analyze the company, recommend the suitable structure for the transaction, and identify the elements that are attractive to the financial markets and write or adapt the company’s business plan and presentation accordingly.

TA Capital Associates will write the various corporate finance ‘teasers’ to be sent and presented to Investment bankers/Underwriters. The teasers will include a proposed financial valuation of the company where relevant.


Choosing the Investment Banker/Underwriter,


TA Capital Associates will introduce the Company to Investment bankers, broker dealers, candidates to raise funds, and those whom will support the company in the financial markets and/or to act as underwriters of an Initial Public Offering and Add-On Equity offerings or secondaries, reverse mergers and self registrations.


Choosing an Investment Relations (IR) firm,


TA Capital Associates will recommend an adequate IR firm and will help to put together the road show and the continuous IR campaign.


The Formal Process,

The formal process of listing a company on the financial markets has several stages and two major milestones:

  • The approval of the prospectus by the regulatory authority.

  • Being accepted by the relevant stock exchange authorities.

In order to achieve these goals TA Capital Associates will help to choose the professionals and help with the preparation of documents.


Post Completion Activities,


TA Capital Associates continues to “coach and advise” the company on corporate finance matters and to assist the company to raise additional capital and/or execute mergers/acquisitions.

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Private Placement – Investment Companies, Venture Capitalists and “Angels”,


TA Capital Associates acts exclusively in an agency capacity in these transactions under the various private placement exemptions of the relevant regulatory agencies in that country for a company looking to raise from $500,000 or $50,000,000 in equity or convertible debt of a company that has positive cash flow and/or suitable collateral to secure financing, and accomplish reverse mergers/self registrations where appropriate.

  • Access to large network of investment companies

  • Relationships with Venture Capitalists

  • Access to accredited Angel investors




TA Capital Associates assists companies at all stages of development, to aggressively execute business development, sales and marketing, and distribution agreements TA Capital Associates assists in identifying and executing strategic relationships both domestically and internationally to increase profitability and shareholder value.

  • Identify strategic partners

  • Add new revenue streams

  • Structuring distribution agreements

  • International expansion / joint ventures

  • Identify acquisition opportunities

  • Technology consulting and outsourcing

  • Identify board members

  • Increase profitability


Business Plan Consulting and Markets / Sales Setup,


TA Capital Associates works with both established companies and startups to write and develop business plans to both document business strategy and to raise capital.

  • Define target market

  • Identify customers

  • Market / Sales Strategy

  • Competitive analysis

  • Execution strategy

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